Old man mischief (Canis latrans)

My short dry and hot morning walk wasn’t so hot or dry this morning, we had monsoonal rainfall last night, thank you.

My footfalls on the hard packed dirt of the usually dry wash banks were quieter, allowing me so see old man mischief mere moments before he noticed me, he froze, stood still, as as I passed 10-15 feet away, sank slowly into the short once dry grass of the wash bed.

I took out my camera, pointed it into the direction where I knew he was, didn’t see anything, he blended that well into the grass, as I pulled the camera away from my face I spotted him again in the rain cloud dark sky twilight of morning.


Without the flash from my cellphone camera it would be imposable to spot old man mischief.

He locked eyes with me but didn’t budge a muscle, neither did I, frozen like that for a micro second, I let him be, hunting for his prey along the once dry wash.

Walking, I was on the move again.


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