Lyme disease & Tick removal tools

Lyme disease is really nasty but the tick removal tools are relatively inexpensive.
Prevention is the best course of action and from all that I have read repellants don’t work the only effective prevention is to soak your clothing in permethrin.
Permethrin will kill ticks and other insects.

I purchased two different removal tools to test out.

Ticked off was purchased from Amazon for $1.50 plus shipping.




The weight of this tool doesn’t even register of my low end scale.

Pro-Tick Remedy was purchased from SCS Ltd with shipping it came to approx $15 and was 3 times the cost of the ticked off removal tool.



It comes with the tool a mini magnifier a quick reference card and a detailed fold out pamphlet.



It also was so lite that it didn’t register of my scale.


My thoughts I plan to add the PTR (pro tick remedy) tool and the mini magnifier to my backpack FAK (first aid kit) minus the chain instead I will use a thin rubber band to keep them secure.  And leave the ticked off tool at home for my wife and daughter to used for tick removal of ticks on Frodo our dog.


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