Gear shakedown hike of AZ trail

20-21 May 2013 Shakedown hike of the Arizona Trail Section 28 “Blue ridge” the area I hiked was 5.2 miles each direction see arrows on map, of course it felt like it was much longer of a hike, the whole section is 16.1 miles.
I hiked from Rock Springs CG around 1p.m. Northbound to Blue Ridge CG just before dark and camped there for the night, Dinner meal was 1 pack of ramen boiled with alcohol on Evernew DX set, the next morning woke up and made 2 package of oatmeal for breakfast using dried biomass picked up off the ground because I ran out of alcohol fuel.
The hike back to my truck had an uphill section just South of the Blue Ridge CG that had me taking frequent breaks in the shade of trees along the way.
It was fun and I believe I can reduce my pack base weight by a few pounds. I took to much food, I took to much water and need to do better research for water sources.


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